Today I went to work

I get up later than I used to. Not sure why. I could be burntout. I could be lazy. I could be practicing my not giving a fucks.

Whatever the reason it works just fine. We all get where we need to be. Perfect.

Several attempts at leaving the house is normal – anything else would be unnerving.

We play 5 in 10 and I win.

I walk Alice into school and today I sit not stand while she unpacks her bag and packs her bunny with meticulous precision.

She walks me back to the foyer. We huggle. I don’t get lipstick on her head.

She buggers off. I hop in the car.

I am now on my way to work.

Sitting in traffic must drive you mad

Nope. Its quiet. AMD no one needs me. It’s nice.

Apart from no one successfully merging like a zip, my travel is all good.